Corporate Attorney Shannon Zollo Explains In-House Counsel’s Role in Due Diligence

M0846567In Corporate Counsel’s article “10 Uber In-House Attorneys Saw Due Diligence Report in Battle With Alphabet“, Shannon Zollo comments on the role of in-house counsel in the due diligence process. The article discusses a due diligence report from Uber’s acquisition of Otto, in which Alphabet claims there is proof that Uber knowingly acquired stolen intellectual property. As such, the importance of the due diligence process is highlighted and, in particular, in-house counsel’s role in the process.

Shannon explains that the goal of the due diligence period is to review a target company in a merger or acquisition and ascertain whether or not there are any potential issues. He notes:

The purpose of a diligence report is to understand as best as is possible before you close, the nature of the target and whether that target fits within your acquisition profile across the board.”

If any issues do arise, Shannon states that the buyer’s internal team has to discuss the next best steps and that “in-house counsel should be deliberate in trying to maintain privilege”.

For more information from Shannon on the due diligence process read the full article.

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