Immigration Alert: The Effect of The Government Shutdown on Immigration Matters

On October 1, 2013 MBBP published a new Immigration Alert: The Effect of The Government Shutdown on Immigration Matters. As a result of Congress being unable to agree to fund the government, it has been “shutdown” until the funding has been secured. This will have a major effect on government services that are not fee-based. For those services, all non-essential employees must stay home. The only exception where non-essential employees can work is to protect life or property. Essential employees will continue to work. Fee-based government services will be mostly unaffected. We strongly encourage any HR or hiring officials to read this in its entirety to ensure that they understand what compliance obligations will continue, and what will be suspended. The major government agencies that will be affected are:

For a summary of these effects, please see our full Immigration Alert. Feel free to contact any member of our Immigration Law Group with any questions.

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