Amanda Schreyer Quoted in Business Insider on Influencer ‘Usage Rights’

Business Insider recently interviewed Morse media and marketing attorney, Amanda Schreyer, along with several brand influencers and managers, in regards to ‘usage rights,’ a highly-negotiated part of brand contracts.

What are ‘Usage Rights’?

Generally regarded as one of the most important things influencers should consider when signing a contract with a brand, the term itself can be explained as the ways in which brands are allowed to use an influencer’s image or video on the brand’s own marketing or social channels.

In influencer marketing, the influencer owns the rights to their content and the brand has to be granted, or purchase, those rights. Amanda explains, “In traditional media, if someone acts as a talent in a video or a television commercial, that person doesn’t own the commercial, the advertiser owns the commercial, but in influencer marketing, it’s the other way around.”

Read the full Business Insider article to learn what to look for in a contract and how to negotiate extra fees. Questions about your contract? Contact Amanda.