Massachusetts Governor Announces Phase 1 of Re-Opening Plan: Certain Non-Essential Businesses are Authorized to Recommence Operations Today

MLM Headshot Photo 2019 (M1341570xB1386)On May 18, 2020, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker released clarifying details with respect to the Commonwealth’s Four-Phase Approach to the re-opening of the Massachusetts economy. All published details regarding the Four-Phase Approach are now aggregated and contained on a newly created government website (the “Re-Opening Website”). Massachusetts employers must familiarize themselves with the information, and comply with the legal requirements, collected in the Re-Opening Website, as a prerequisite to re-opening.

In addition to releasing detailed information concerning the Four Phase Approach, the Governor also implemented “Phase I: Start” of that approach, and authorized certain businesses to recommence operations, subject to safety standard compliance, effective immediately.

Further details on the re-opening website and on Phase 1 can be found in our COVID-19 Alert.