Elizabeth Bitar to Guest Lecture Intro to Entrepreneurship Class at Worcester State University

EAB Headshot Photo 2018 (M1238874xB1386)On Tuesday, March 3rd, Corporate Attorney Liz Bitar of Morse will be guest lecturing the Intro to Entrepreneurship class at Worcester State University.  The class is geared toward entrepreneurs who are developing their own businesses, and is in line with Worcester State and its director of Entrepreneurship, Elaine Vescio’s vision on building the startup ecosystem in Worcester. Liz, whose practice at Morse involves working with corporations from formation to exit, including significant work with startup and emerging growth companies is looking forward to speaking to the class on the topic of: The Intersection of Law and Forming a Business: Important Considerations for Entrepreneurs Starting Their Own Businesses.  Among other things, Liz will be discussing why it’s important for an entity to incorporate, entity choice and formation.