EU & UK Trademarks: Navigating the changing landscape post-Brexit

Stacey C Friends, MorseBy: Stacey C. Friends

As of January 31, 2020, the United Kingdom is no longer a part of the European Union. What does this mean for companies with trademark registrations (patents are not affected) designating the EU but not the UK separately?

Following Brexit there will be a transition period starting Jan. 31, 2020 and ending December 31, 2020. EU rules and laws will still apply in the UK during this transition period, and trademark rights will remain in place in the UK as well. After the transition period, owners of registered trademark rights in the EU will be automatically granted a corresponding registration in the UK, free of charge.

Morse trademark attorney, Stacey Friends, explains more post-Brexit trademark related changes in this article, as well as some action items for owners of trademark registrations/pending trademark applications in the EU but not the UK.