Employment Law Alert: New Minimum Wage Rate; Year-End Bonuses and the MA Equal Pay Act

ELA Alert Banner Logo (M0053443xB1386)Morse Employment Law Attorneys Matthew Mitchell and Amanda Thibodeau shared two employment law updates regarding the new minimum wage rate for Massachusetts non-exempt employees, as well as information about discretionary, end-of-year bonuses and the Massachusetts Equal Pay Act.

The first update explains the new minimum wage rate for Massachusetts non-exempt employees.  As of January 1, 2020 the minimum wage rate is now $12.75 per hour, and $4.95 per hour for tipped employees.

The second update describes how the Massachusetts Equal Pay Act regulates the type of compensation structures employers may apply to their Massachusetts employees, and in this case, how that directly relates to employers’ ability to reward employees with an end-of-year, discretionary bonus.

You can read more about both in the January Employment Law Alert.