Michael Jabbawy To Speak At Shoobx Drive 2019 | Startup Fundraising Summit

MRJ Headshot Photo 2017 (M1047116xB1386)On November 12th, Morse Corporate Partner Michael Jabbawy will speak at the 2019 Shoobx Drive | Startup Fundraising Summit in Boston. Shoobx Drive 2019 will open the startup fundraising black box and introduce you to a better way of raising capital. Entrepreneurs working to create successful companies will meet founders, investors, and innovation leaders who have excelled on this journey, and hear their advice on how you can take charge of your fundraising and avoid some common pitfalls.

Mike will be speaking on a panel titled “The Next Generation of Legal Services.” On this panel founders and lawyers will discuss how a client-attorney relationship powered by technology has changed their experiences. By showcasing its benefits, they’ll share what you should be looking for in your lawyers.

Find out more about the event, meet the speakers, get your summit ticket, or request a free founder pass on the Shoobx Drive 2019 event page.