Joe Hunt Speaking at Boston University School of Law

JEH Headshot Photo 2017 (M1147148xB1386)Tax attorney Joe Hunt will give a guest lecture about tax issues at Boston University School of Law on Tuesday, November 5. The lecture, presented to the Startup Law Clinic, is designed to address common tax issues that arise for companies and employees, particularly from the perspectives of choice of entity and equity issuances. The clinic provides law students from BU the opportunity to represent startup companies in their early stages.

Joe serves as an adjunct faculty member at Boston University School of Law, where he teaches “Life Cycle of a Business Venture,” a course that analyzes tax issues encountered by businesses at all stages of their life cycles. He was the recipient of both the Ernest M. Haddad Award and the LL.M. Pro Bono Award upon graduation from the Graduate Tax Program at Boston University School of Law.