The Trademark Company, LegalZoom & Other Online Services

By: Sean D. Detweiler

Sean D. Detweiler (SDD)

Consumers continue to become increasingly more comfortable conducting business transactions of all types online, including filing trademark and patent applications, without the help of an attorney. At Morse, this has resulted in an increase of clients looking for help on a pending trademark or patent application previously initiated using an online forms company such as The Trademark Company or LegalZoom (etc.). With some news recently published about one of those online providers, it seems now is a good time to again highlight the risks to help avoid costly issues, and to convey that for those who are already in the midst of the myriad problems created by relying on these online forms providers there may be ways to recover. All may not yet be lost.

In this article, Morse trademark attorney, Sean Detweiler, explains what the online forms companies can and cannot provide, how they differ from using a law firm, and when is the time to call an attorney.