Mike Jabbawy Partners with Shoobx in Using Technology and Predictable Fee Structures to Change the Way Startups and Lawyers Work Together

MRJ Headshot Photo 2017 (M1047116xB1386)In tech startup industry moving news, legal services platform Shoobx, Inc. has launched Legal Services on Shoobx, a new program to connect startups with legal representation at a fixed, affordable fee covering not only incorporation and general corporate work but also initial equity fundraising activities. Morse corporate partner Mike Jabbawy is pioneering the program after being tapped by Shoobx based on Mike’s deep involvement in the early stage space and willingness to find creative ways to pass cost savings to his clients.

In 2018 alone, Morse’s emerging company and VC group closed over 85 venture financings totaling just under $1 billion of proceeds raised.

“By leveraging Shoobx’s technology, the most exciting part of this collaboration is the value it brings to my clients. I am now able to pivot away from burning precious time on putting together form documents and instead concentrate on providing substantive legal advice around terms that matter, all at a significantly lower cost.” explains Mike.

At this time, companies that plan to incorporate through Shoobx can apply for the program and work with Mike and the Morse team as their attorneys under the Legal Services on Shoobx arrangement.

For more information, read the Shoobx Press Release or contact Mike Jabbawy.