Payroll Software and Services Company MPAY Acquires BenePAY and IDM Solutions

MPAY Logo (M0164560xB1386)Firm client MPAY, Inc. has acquired Michigan-based payroll company, BenePAY, a leader in payroll, tax and HR services, to accelerate MPAY’s national payroll and human resource services expansion strategy through its Payentry brand. MPAY has also acquired California-based payroll and insurance company, IDM Solutions, further expanding its reach and giving MPAY its first West Coast presence. MPAY is a leading payroll, retirement and human capital management services company focused on delivering a human capital management system that provides intuitive reporting for business owners and executives.

Led by corporate partner Joe Martinez, MBBP served as counsel to MPAY Inc. on both acquisitions and advised the company in connection with the structuring, negotiation and documentation of the transactions.

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