Scott Bleier Moderating Webinar on Diversity and Impact Investing

M0846500Corporate attorney Scott Bleier will moderate the Northeast Clean Energy Council (NECEC) webinar Diversity and Impact: Key Drivers for Economic Growth, as part of the NECEC’s Investor and Corporate Partner Readiness Webinar Series. The webinar will be held on Friday, October 12, and the panel will discuss the amount of impact that diversity can have on business and ecosystem growth. Included in the discussion will be investment firms Reinventure Capital and Alante Capital, and the startup, Solstice. Topics will include:

  • The meaning of diversity and impact
  • How diversity or the lack of it affects innovation and drives startup and economy growth
  • The mission of impact investors
  • The type of startups impact investors are looking for
  • When should an entrepreneur raise capital from impact investors
  • What returns (and timeframe) do impact investors expect

More information and registration details can be found on the event page.