Patents and Pumpkins: Hidden Soft Spots Can Ruin Them Both

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Imagine: you arrive at the pumpkin patch and see the perfectly shaped, perfectly orange pumpkin for which you’ve been searching. Envisioning the amazing jack-o-lantern you’ll create from this perfection, you snatch it from among the vines – only to find the bottom soft and mushy from mildew!

There may not be many ways in which a patent is like a pumpkin, but the presence of a hidden defect is one. After your patent application finally issues as a patent, surviving rigorous (and expensive) examination, you may unexpectedly discover your patent has a giant soft spot as a result of government funding. How can the grant of government funding be the mildew on your patent pumpkin? Intellectual property attorneys Erin Bryan and Lisa Warren answer that question in their new article Patents and Pumpkins: Hidden Soft Spots Can Ruin Them Both.

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