2018 VC and M&A Forum: M&A Market Update Panel Recap

By: Dan Blanchard

DJB Headshot Photo 2018 (M1209746xB1386)During our 2018 VC and M&A Forum, MBBP partner Scott Bleier moderated a panel titled “M&A Market Update.” The panel was comprised of Alan Fullerton, Partner at Mirus Capital, Bob Cronin, Managing Director of Bowen Advisors and Greg Fanikos, Managing Director at Alantra. Scott Bleier started the presentation by noting the important resource that investment bankers are for most companies, especially given that M&A remains the most common method of liquidity for venture-backed companies. Additionally, he discussed the current market trends, including the heightened activity of private equity buyers, the increased use of representation/warranty insurance and the increased scrutiny of deals by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).

Alan Fullerton led a discussion on the number and types of deals that occurred in 2017. He also discussed a “go to market” strategy that includes approaching both strategic and private equity buyers at different points in time. Bob Cronin led a discussion on technology M&A. He noted that traditional private equity buyers are moving into the tech M&A space (which is not their historic activity). Greg Fanikos led a discussion on international buyers. He noted that the U.S. remains a compelling market for international buyers and that there is no business that is “too small” for many of them. He also noted that international buyers need to be brought into the process early. Scott concluded the discussion with some thoughts on why preparation for the sale process is crucial to a successful execution.

We hope you enjoyed our 2018 VC and M&A Forum panel recaps. Be sure to keep an eye on our events page for future events!

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