Shannon Zollo Comments on Proposed Aetna-CVS Deal in The National Law Journal Article

M0846567Corporate partner Shannon Zollo commented on the legal scrutiny facing CVS Health and Aetna’s planned merger in The National Law Journal’s article “Lawyers Say Fed. Regulators Likely Will Closely Scrutinize Aetna-CVS Deal.” In regards to the proposed merger, which would be a large consolidation within the healthcare industry, Shannon notes that:


It’s logical to anticipate [close scrutiny] based on the size and importance of the industry as it relates to the U.S. economy and well-being,” and that the effect the transaction has on competition “is informed by a number of factors, including how many players are left in the field after the deal is completed; the effect on existing customer and vendor relationships and the massive amount of integration required to consummate the deal.”

For additional insight from Shannon and information about the deal, read the full article.

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