Shannon Zollo Comments on Uber’s Due Diligence Process in Otto Acquisition

M0846567In Corporate Counsel’s “Should Uber’s Salle Yoo Have Taken Earlier Look At Critical Due Diligence Report,” corporate partner Shannon Zollo comments on Salle Yoo’s, the chief legal officer at Uber, potential involvement in the due diligence process during Uber’s acquisition of Otto. The issue is at question in Uber’s ongoing court battle with Waymo, where Uber claims that Yoo did not see the due diligence report until a year after the acquisition was announced. Shannon remarks that Yoo may have “relied extensively on the internal team.” He also poses the question:

Independent of this situation, does it make strategic sense at times for people in positions of authority to not be exposed to potentially damaging information?”

For Shannon’s answer to that question and to read more about the case, read the full Corporate Counsel article.

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