Skelmet Creates Custom-Built Sport Sunglasses Using 3-D Technology

MBBP client Skelmet’s Falcon 1 sport sunglasses are custom-built to perfectly fit your face and are ideal for athletes. They are created using 3-D scanning and printing technology and Skelmet’s design algorithm. The order process for the glasses includes a 3-D scan of the face, which is then entered into Skelmet’s A.I. Fit design system, after which the glasses are 3-D printed.

Skelmet’s cofounder Rain Wang, a former triathlete, created the company from her growing frustration of the fit of mass-produced sports products. Skelmet mass customizes all of its products so that consumers can find their individual fit.

To learn more about Skelmet’s Falcon 1 sunglasses, read the full article in the Boston Globe.

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