Carl Barnes Quoted in BloombergPolitics on Rex Tillerson Email Probe

CFB Headshot Photo 2015 (M0846497xB1386)In the investigation into the accuracy of Exxon Mobil’s statements regarding the possible effects of climate change on the company, an email alias of former CEO Rex Tillerson, now Secretary of State, was discovered.

In BloombergPolitics article “Tillerson May Face Deposition About ‘Wayne Tracker’ Alias Emails“, MBBP corporate partner Carl Barnes weighs in on whether or not someone in Exxon’s general counsel’s office knew about the alias account. Carl, a former corporate general counsel, states that someone did, or should have known, about the alias email account, and that,

“If they did not know, or if they failed to bring it to the attention of the litigation team producing documents in response to the court order, that does indicate an ethical and corporate governance failure.”

While Exxon claims that it was forthcoming about the alias email account, it is more likely that Tillerson will be questioned under oath in the probe of the accuracy of its climate change statements since the discovery of the account. For more information, read the BloombergPolitics article.

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