Join MBBP Attorneys for Upcoming Panel on Best Practices in Structuring Startup Founder Agreements

Startup-Coalition_LogoStartup co-founders are bound to disagree. A founders’ agreement helps to resolve key issues upfront, before the business has begun to accumulate value. Issues commonly addressed in the founders’ agreement include ownership, responsibility, decision-making, operating procedures, and assignment of intellectual property.

Who gets what percentage of the company?   How will decisions get made?  What happens if one founder leaves the company? Can any of the founders be fired?  By whom?  For what reasons?  Will any of the founders be investing cash in the company?  If so, how is this treated? What do investors expect to see in a founders’ agreement?

Join MBBP Attorney Mike Cavaretta and the Startup Coalition on Wednesday, December 16, for a panel discussion on founders’ issues and founders’ agreements. Amongst panelists will be MBBP Corporate Attorney Scott Bleier.

Register for the event here. For more information, please feel free to contact Mike directly.

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