MBBP Attorneys Daniele Levy and Scott Connolly Mentor Tech Entrepreneurs at Techstars’ Patriot Boot Camp

Employment Attorney Scott ConnollyMBBP attorneys Scott Connolly and Daniele Levy recently served as volunteer mentors at Patriot Boot Camp, presented by Techstars, over three days in Detroit, Michigan.  Daniele and Scott mentored a group of more than 50 military veteran technology entrepreneurs, assisted them with developing and improving their business plans and investor pitches, and provided general start-up guidance.  In addition to serving as mentors, Daniele and Scott ran a mini “clinic” to help the participants navigate the corporate and employment law challenges faced by earCorporate Attorney Daniele Ouellette Levyly stage companies.  Techstars is a global ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to bring technologies to market and provides seed funding and intensive mentorship.  Patriot Boot Camp was started in partnership with Techstars as part of a broader effort to bring underrepresented populations into technology entrepreneurship.

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