Privacy for the Peeple

Callie L Pioli Web Hi Res Crop (M0702163)The concept behind the latest app startup, Peeple,  has been trending on almost every social and mainstream media outlet for weeks and has been collectively referred to as the “Yelp for People.” The app’s purpose is to allow users to rate individuals much the way they would a restaurant: one a one-five star rating system. Users must be over the age of 21 and have a Facebook account. All reviews must be posted under a user’s real name. As originally conceived, anyone you had ever given your phone number to, or anyone who could locate it in a directory, could create a Peeple profile for you. Once your profile was created, any user can post a review of you, whether you gave them your phone number or not and regardless of whether you yourself used the application. Upon learning of the application, many have asked “how is this even legal?

MBBP has the answer. Read the full article here.

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