Iora Health Expanding to Boston Area

IroaMBBP client, Iora Health, recently announced an expansion into the Boston-area health care market, as they open new practices in Hyde Park and in Medford. Iora Health is widely known for its unique business model which enables Iora to build unusually close relationships with their patients in order to better understand their concerns and needs, and, in the long run, to  keep more patients in poor health out of the emergency room. In fact, Iora’s co-founder, Dr. Rushika Fernandopulle, says their goal is nothing less than to “transform health care”; as their web site says, their real objective is “restoring humanity to health care”.  In the new offices, where the primary care practice will be focused exclusively on people aged 65 and older, Iora Health expects to achieve the same astonishing rate of patient satisfaction they’ve enjoyed in their other offices nationwide. To learn more about the care model, please click here to read a recent New York Times profile.

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