MBBP Client Goes for Super Bowl Gold – A Commercial Spot

download (3)Have you ever offered to do the laundry out of good nature just to realize you’ve accidentally ruined your wife’s best sweater?  Or what about the time you were in such a rush you threw all your clothes in the wash and that one favorite piece came out the size that could fit a doll?

Well you’re in luck!  MBBP startup client Unshrinkit, has created a patent-pending solution which saves shrunken wool clothing that fell victim to a washer or dryer mistake.

Exciting news, right?  What’s more exciting is that Unshrinkit has been named as one of ten finalists in Intuit’s “Small Business, Big Game Contest”.  The contestants are competing for a chance to win an all-expense paid 30 second commercial at Super Bowl 2016!

Vote for Unshrinkit here.

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