MBBP’s Faith Kasparian’s Article Draws National Interest

IP Licensing and Trademark Attorney Faith KasparianMBBP Senior Attorney Faith Kasparian’s article on M&A privacy and compliance concerns (M&A Privacy and Compliance with Applicable Privacy Laws and Sharing of Customer Information) drew the attention of Reporter Katie Rucke of Communication Daily, who consequently called upon Faith to comment for a story Ms. Rucke was preparing for her publication. Ms. Rucke’s story, entitled Privacy Policies Should Say what Happens in M&A, Experts Say, appears in the August 17, 2015 edition of “the Daily”, as the “news source for communications regulation” is familiarly known.

The premise of Ms. Rucke’s story, that “a clause about the sale or transfer of data in the event of a merger, acquisition or bankruptcy should be included in every company’s privacy policy…”,  was validated by Faith’s stance. “If a privacy policy is too vague,” Attorney Kasparian is quoted as saying, “a company runs the risk that the disclosure that its data could be sold or transferred isn’t sufficiently clear, and the deal could fall through.”  Faith goes on to cite the example of a dating company in Texas which wanted to sell its list of users, but the privacy policy was found to be so ambiguous that the transaction was called off.

In the Daily story, Faith also authoritatively comments on other notable aspects of the privacy policy issue, such as a weak company privacy policy bringing down the selling price, and warns about the consequences of the FTC going after unfair and deceptive practices regarding these policies. To learn more, read the full article which can be found here.

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