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Augmented Reality Startup Brings “Holodeck” Effect to Architecture 06/09/2015

Posted by Morse Barnes-Brown Pendleton in Client News.

It sounds like something out of Star Trek where you can place yourself in an augmented reality. Only this time it’s not on the holodeck, but on an iPad or iPhone. MBBP client, Building Conversation, a Boston-based startup was featured in the Boston Business Journal this week for its app (called arc) that places an architectural design rendering into a “live view” of the environment.

“In effect, you get to see and walk around a full-scale hologram of the proposed architecture through the iPad,” said Building Conversation’s CEO Terrence Masson, who founded the company with George Thrush, the director of the School of Architecture at Northeastern University.

Masson, a former professor and head of animation at Northeastern’s College of Arts, Media and Design who started working on the technology as part of a Capstone project at Northeastern about three years ago, is quoted saying, “It’s going to be a disruptive business.”

See full BBJ article here. Learn more at buildingconversation.com.

Live long and prosper!


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