USPTO Reduces Certain Trademark Filing Fees

By: Tom Dunn

Trademark Attorney Thomas DunnOn January 17, 2015, the USPTO reduced certain trademark filing fees and introduced a new electronic application filing option.

The fee for both the TEAS Plus application and the TEAS Regular application are reduced by $50. The TEAS Reduced Fee (TEAS RF) application is a new filing option, and one may still submit a paper filing, as well:

Application for registration, per international class
(paper filing)
Application for registration, per international class
(electronic filing, TEAS application)
Application for registration, per international class
(electronic filing, TEAS RF application)
Application for registration, per international class
(electronic filing, TEAS Plus application)

Each of the three TEAS options comes with a set of requirements; the lower the fee, the higher the number of requirements. (TEAS is an acronym for Trademark Electronic Application System.)

For example, to take advantage of the $225 fee per class of goods/services in the TEAS Plus application, one must meet the following requirements: include an e-mail address and authorization for the USPTO to send application-related e-mail correspondence; agree to file related submissions, such as responses to Office actions, electronically via TEAS; select an identification of goods/services from the USPTO Trademark ID Manual; pay all fees at the time of filing; and provide certain statements regarding the mark in the application as-filed, if applicable (e.g., translation statement, claim of ownership, color claim and description).

Only a subset of the foregoing requirements pertains to the TEAS RF application, while none pertain to the TEAS application.

If one files a TEAS Plus or TEAS RF application but does not satisfy the relevant requirements the applicant will be required to submit an additional processing fee of $50 per class of goods or services, and the application will then be handled as a TEAS application.

The fee to electronically renew a trademark registration has been reduced by $100, to $300 per class of goods/services, as well.

Please see the Reduced Fee FAQs page for more information about the new filing fees and the Trademark Fee Information page for information on payment options and a listing of other trademark fees.

To discuss trademark filing options and related matters, please contact Tom Dunn by email at or by phone at (781) 697-2248.

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