Chair Mary Jo White Discusses SEC, FAF and FASB Shared Interests at Trustees Dinner

By: Mark Tarallo

On May 20, 2014 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White spoke at the Financial Accounting Foundation Trustees Dinner.  Given the audience, it is not surprising that her remarks focused on accounting issues at the SEC.  In her remarks, Chair White mentioned that the SEC is still considering the addition of International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) for domestic registrants. Although no timetable was given for when the issue would be addressed, White noted that the interests of U.S. investors would be front and center during the IFRS consideration process.  In addition, Chair White commented on the continuing efforts of the Disclosure Effectiveness Project, noting that she has directed the staff to undertake a comprehensive review of disclosure requirements under Regulation S-K and make specific recommendations for updating the requirements pursuant to a JOBS Act-mandated report on Regulation S-K that provides the staff’s recommendations for a review of corporate disclosure requirements.  She also noted that the Financial Reporting and Audit Task Force, formed in July, 2013, will continue its increased enforcement efforts and will work to look ahead to identify additional areas where financial reporting fraud may be likely to occur, while focusing on internal controls related to the areas that have already been identified as being susceptible to financial reporting fraud.

The complete transcript of Chair White’s remarks is available here.


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