Employment Law Clip: Pitfalls of Using Independent Contractors

Many businesses use “independent contractors” to augment their regular workforce. They see advantages to using trained, non-employee workers with specialized skills who can provide needed services on a short-term or long-term basis. However, the ability of businesses to classify workers as independent contractors is not unchecked. Businesses cannot avoid employer obligations simply by designating certain workers as independent contractors.

In this video Massachusetts Employment Lawyer Robert M. Shea discusses the serious danger that independent contractors can pose to a business when they do not comply with government and tax laws and are misclassified as such:

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Please feel free to contact any member of our Employment Law Group with any questions on independent contractor laws.

MBBP’s Employment Law Clip Series will provide quick, easy-to-digest snapshots of common Employment issues, as well as practical information on how to avoid complicated, expensive and time-consuming pitfalls. Stay tuned for the next topic on Wage Payment Laws: Termination.

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