SEC Releases Study of Public Company Disclosure Requirements

Corporate Attorney Daniele Ouellette LevyBy: Daniele Ouellette Levy

The JOBS Act, which became law in April 2012, requires the SEC to conduct a review of the disclosure requirements in Reg. S-K in order to identify how the rules could be updated to modernize and simplify the registration process for emerging growth companies and reduce related costs. Reg. S-K is the primary regulation under the federal securities laws detailing the disclosure requirements applicable to public companies.

At the end of December 2013, the SEC released the results of its review of Reg. S-K.  In the study the SEC noted it had not conducted a comprehensive review of Reg. S-K since 1996 and stated that a reevaluation of the disclosure requirements was warranted due to significant changes in the manner many public companies operate their businesses and world events which have altered the regulatory framework for public companies. In such reevaluation the SEC would aim to ensure existing and potential investors, as well as the marketplace as a whole, receive meaningful information upon which to base investment decisions. In addition, the SEC stated that its regulatory framework must ensure that the disclosure requirements focus on information which is material and are flexible enough to adapt to dynamic circumstances.

This study is a starting point. In its conclusion, the SEC proposes undertaking a comprehensive plan to systematically review the disclosure requirements in all of the SEC’s rules and forms concerning the presentation and delivery of information to investors and the marketplace, not just Reg. S-K. We expect more to come on this issue.

For more information on public company disclosure requirements please contact Daniele Ouellette Levy.

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