SEC Encourages Firms to Review Business Continuity Planning

Corporate Attorney Daniele Ouellette LevyBy: Daniele Ouellette Levy

A year after Hurricane Sandy caused significant damage along the northeast coast, the SEC, in conjunction with FINRA and the CFTC, has issued guidance encouraging registered investment advisers and securities broker-dealers to review their business continuity plans and consider certain best practices identified in the report. These best practices were compiled by the agencies after discussions with firms impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

The SEC is encouraging firms to consider the following recommendations in reviewing their business continuity planning:

  • Establish redundant services in anticipation of the widespread lack of basic resources, such as telecommunications, transportation, electricity, office space, fuel and water;
  • Review the availability and structure of remote access for employees;
  • Assess the availability and accessibility of alternative locations, considering geographic diversity and the ability of staff to travel to such alternative sites;
  • Analyze vendor relationships and the business continuity plans of key vendors;
  • Provide detailed plans for communicating with customers and staff during any business disruption;
  • Plan for the completion of time-sensitive regulatory filings in the event of a business disruption; and
  • Conduct periodic testing of the firm’s business continuity plan and related training on at least an annual basis.

A copy of the guidance issued by the SEC may be found here.

For more information on this topic, please contact Daniele.

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