HACKFit Featured in BBJ Startups Article

HACKFitOn August 19th the Boston Business Journal published an article on MBBP client HACKFit, a new startup competition that fuses entrepreneurship, technology, fitness and healthy food. HACKFit will run 48-hour competitions that will assemble teams to pitch ideas, refine business plans, construct prototypes and demonstrate final concepts to investors, executives and media with the goal to develop fitness-oriented websites, devices or apps. HACKFit founder Justin Mendelson discussed his inspiration for starting HACKfit:

I founded HACKFit because I’m a nerd and an athlete. HACKFit is about living an active lifestyle, and building technologies which contribute to a more active world. Traditional startup competitions I’ve competed in glorify extremely unhealthy behaviors, and this just isn’t sustainable. The best teammates I’ve connected with were often ones that I could go running with. Therefore I set out to create an active, healthy startup event and methodology since none currently exist.

Visit the Boston Business Journal for the full article.

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