MBBP Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton, P.C. City Point BuildingIn June of 1993, two experienced and entrepreneurial lawyers, Richard S. “Chip” Morse and Peter N. Barnes-Brown, opened the doors of their new corporate law firm, gambling as they did so that their innovative approach to the practice of law would provide the foundation for a successful and long-lived venture.  Joined by Lea B. Pendleton in January of 1994, and soon after by Jeffrey P. Somers and Charles A. “Chip” Wry, the Firm of Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton, PC (MBBP) quickly began to generate real “buzz” in the legal community. This was a Firm doing things a different way; there were no secretaries, the lawyers created their own work product, entered their own time, and relied on the latest technology to streamline their processes and make their efforts more efficient – a radical approach at the time.

From its outset, MBBP has been committed to its clients, addressing each client’s specific challenges and delivering effective results tailored to each client’s needs. Its veteran partners, all of whom previously practiced at major Boston firms, are recognized experts, many of whom write, teach and lecture in their areas of practice. While sustaining a natural growth over its twenty-year history, MBBP continues to concentrate exclusively on the core legal services businesses need to succeed. The Firm’s experience and expertise earned a coveted invitation to Law Exchange International, a membership which enhances the capacity to serve its clients in the global arena.

MBBP has also always been committed to its employees, ever-striving to engender a sense of teamwork and encouraging all who work there to feel invested in the Firm.  MBBP remains one of the very few businesses to provide 100% coverage of employee health plans, which it has done since the beginning. Perhaps most tellingly, in the worst days of the Great Recession, when the tower firms were laying off hundreds of staff and young associates in order to preserve partner profits, at Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton the partners took a pay cut, and placed everyone else on wage freeze, putting themselves and their profits on the line to take care of their people, and did not let a single employee go.

This June, we proudly salute the Firm’s 20th anniversary. We share this time of celebration with our clients, friends and employees, all so necessary to our past achievements and to all our future endeavors.

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