Allegro Diagnostics Presents Results from AEGIS I Clinical Trial

On October 23rd MBBP client Allegro Diagnostics, Inc. announced positive results from the AEGIS I (Airway Epithelium Gene Expression In the Diagnosis of Lung Cancer) clinical trial. The trial was meant to test the diagnostic accuracy of BronchoGen™, Allegro’s lead genomic test intended to bring early detection to the standard of care for lung cancer. Allegro Diagnostics’ molecular testing platform utilizes gene expression of normal epithelial cells in the respiratory tract to detect early signs of lung cancer. Gerard Silvestri, M.D.,  member of Allegro Diagnostics’ Clinical & Scientific Advisory Board and a principal investigator of the AEGIS studies, had this to say of the results:

These positive results show significantly higher sensitivity and negative predictive value in lung cancer diagnoses using BronchoGen™ in combination with bronchoscopy than by bronchoscopy alone. The data suggest that BronchoGen™ has the ability to aid bronchoscopy in better predicting the presence or absence of cancer, possibly avoiding costly and risky invasive procedures.

To learn more about the clinical trial and its results, please read Allegro Diagnostics’ full press release.

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