Wage & Hour Claims: What Employers Can Do to Avoid Them

On Wednesday, November 14th MBBP’s employment practice is holding an informational seminar on wage and hour claims and what employers can do to avoid them. Wage and hour claims across the U.S. are at an all-time high. The laws governing the payment of wages, overtime pay, vacation pay, compensable working time and commissions, and the use of independent contractors, have become a leading source of employee claims and employer liability. Mistakes can be very costly because penalties in Massachusetts include mandatory treble damages and attorneys’ fees, as well as potential civil and criminal liability for individual corporate officers. Unfortunately for businesses, the rules in this area of the law are not always clear and misconceptions abound. Well-intentioned and otherwise law-abiding businesses are increasingly facing wage-related government investigations and employee lawsuits.

In this seminar MBBP will identify the most common wage and hour challenges and employer misconceptions. We will review the governing rules and offer guidance and tips to help your business avoid unlawful pay practices and reduce employee wage claim risks.

For more information, directions, or to register, please visit the event page: Wage & Hour Claims: What Employers Can Do to Avoid Them.

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