Real World Issues in the Hiring & Retention of Foreign Workers

On Thursday, October 11th MBBP is hosting an immigration event on Real World Issues in the Hiring and Retention of Foreign Workers. Employers who find candidates that have the education, training, skills and experience matching their needs may also find that those candidates require visa sponsorship. This interactive session will provide an analysis of real life scenarios that HR and recruiters face in the hiring process, and will explain how different types of visa status may impact hiring and retention of the prospective employee.

The program will review top immigration compliance issues post-hire and also touch upon factors to consider in Green Card sponsorship.

Other topics of discussion will include:

  • Pre-Hire Considerations
  • Meaning and relevance of visa types
  • The Offer Letter
  • Determining the appropriate employment visa category
  • E-Verify and I-9
  • Sponsorship costs – who bears the burden?
  • Record keeping and reporting
  • Changes in pay, job duties, job titles and job locations
  • Time limits and timing considerations for long-term retention

For more information, directions, or to register, please visit the event page: 10/11/12 – Real World Issues in the Hiring & Retention of Foreign Workers.

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