MBBP Attorneys Help Demystify LLCs in MCLE Program

Tax and Business Attorney Diana EspañolaOn March 22nd, MBBP Attorneys Diana Española and Chip Wry sat as faculty for MCLE In-House ProgramLLCs Demystified“. The program focused on the fundamentals of LLCs highlighting business and tax issues frequently presented by such entities. Diana and Chip helped to debate the pros and cons of LLCs and corporations, discussed basic tax and business issues presented by LLCs, identified specific advantages and disadvantages of LLCs, reported on common Corporate and Tax Attorney Charles Wry, Jr. mistakes and traps for the unwary in forming and advising LLCs, and provided practical drafting tips.

The MCLE has created an audio CD of the program and will also be rebroadcasting it as a webcast on April 19th.

For more information on LLC formation, please contact Diana Española or Chip Wry.

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