Series “A” Venture Investing in 2012: Will We Turn the Corner?

On February 2nd, MBBP hosted a VC event at the Cambridge Innovation Center which involved a review of 2011 Series “A” deals as well as a look into 2012 with an impressive panel of leading venture capital partners who discussed:

  • Where are pre-money valuations headed?
  • Will there be an increase in the competition for deals?
  • How will the interaction between angels and venture funds change in 2012?
  • What sectors will be hot in 2012 and which will not?
  • Investment into New York’s Internet and digital media companies overshadowed Boston’s startups in 2011. Are we seeing a temporary aberration?
  • Exit strategies — Will M&A and IPO activity increase in 2012?

If you were not able to make it to the event, feel free to see the BBJ article “To seed or not to seed? 4 VCs share their strategies” to read what these panelists had to say.

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