FableVision Studios and Vancouver Aquarium Create SparkBridge Interactive

On January 26th MBBP client FableVision, Inc. and the Vancouver Aquarium announced the launch of SparkBridge Interactive (also an MBBP client), a new mobile app publisher aimed at creating a “global, cooperative platform that leverages a customizable game framework to join together informal learning environments, visitors and positive content creators.” SparkBridge’s first app for the Vancouver Aquarium will be made available in Q2 of 2012. Scott Triola, CEO of SparkBridge Interactive, had this to say of his company:

I’ve been involved in many exciting ventures in my career, but SparkBridge is a game changer… What sets our model apart is that we are combining proven game mechanics, a mobile technology platform and site-specific content expertise to deliver a unique interactive experience to the visitors of aquariums, zoos and museums. This will help change the way people around the globe engage with the multitude of learning opportunities while on-site and off.

To learn more, please see FableVision’s press release.

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