OSHA Deadline for Posting Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses is Here!

As of  February 1, 2012 employers who are covered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) record keeping requirements are required to post a summary of all work-related injuries and illnesses which occurred in the previous year, and to leave that summary up in a conspicuous place until April 30, 2012.  Under OSHA regulations, employers are required to make this posting, even if there were no work-related injuries or illnesses, and the summary must be signed and certified by a company executive.  The required posting is contained in OSHA Form 300A.  A list of employers who are exempt from the requirement can be found here. Employers who don’t fall within one of these exemptions, and who employ more than ten employees, should plan to comply with the posting requirements.

Remaining in compliance with OSHA and its record keeping requirements remains important, as OSHA has the ability to inspect employer compliance and to issue citations and penalties when its requirements are not met.   For any questions about this or any other record retentions question, please contact a member of MBBP’s Employment Practice.

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