Mass High Tech Features Interview with Fire Hose Game Founder Eitan Glinert

Eitan Glinert, Founder and President of the game development studio and MBBP client Fire Hose Games, was recently featured in the Entrepreneurship section of Mass High Tech. Glinert discusses who he is as a young entrepreneur, the success of Fire Hose and what the next step will be:

I think we have already been successful to some large degree. We’ve made one game and helped out with another game that people really seem to enjoy… [The next step] will be to grow Fire Hose. I don’t ever intend to leave this job. I don’t want to be a serial entrepreneur — this is my one and only startup as far as I am concerned.

To read the full article, please visit Mass High Tech.

For more information on Fire Hose Games, please visit their website.

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