Agrivida Welcomes U.S. Agriculture Secretary On Trip to Massachusetts

On May 13th, United States Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack made an unusual visit to Massachusetts in order to bring attention to its growing biofuel sector and the USDA‘s efforts to invest in research and development projects that will help reduce America’s reliance on foreign oil. One of his stops included the Medford, MA headquarters of MBBP client Agrivida, Inc., a company that is looking to produce the next generation of biofuels. Agrivida CEO Mark Wong believes many people are unaware of the growing biofuels industry in Massachusetts. In an article published online by WBUR, Wong says:

We are an outlier in Massachusetts because we’re an ag-focused company. There’s a lot of pharma companies that do gene shuffling and stuff like we do, but there’s not a lot of ag companies.  But the talent of science is so good here [Massachusetts]. That’s why we’re here and that’s why we’re not somplace else…

 For the full article, please visit WBUR.

To learn more about Agrivida’s initiatives, please visit their website.

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