Getting on the Fast Track at the PTO

Patent Attorney Lisa TreannieBy: Lisa Treannie

Beginning May 4th, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will begin offering fast-track examination of patent applications for the bargain price of $4000 (in addition to the normal PTO fees). For each of the up-to-10,000 applications accepted into the program, the PTO pledges to handle the application within a year, which is about a third of the current processing time. This program is Track 1 of three tracks to be offered by the PTO to allow applicants to have more control over the speed of examination of their applications. Track 2 is the normal examination track, and Track 3 (delayed examination) is expected to be implemented by the end of September.

Please click here for more details on Track 1.

For details on the three-track initiative, click here.

One thought on “Getting on the Fast Track at the PTO

  1. Lisa Treannie

    What the USPTO had given, they have now taken away – or at least deferred. The PTO announced on April 22nd that the Fast Track examination program is on hold due to 2011 federal budget constraints which have also resulted in a hiring freeze, delay of the previously announced Detroit satellite office, and scale-back of many other programs/initiatives.

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