Boston Named The Most Innovative City In The World

A recent study by Australian Innovation Agency 2thinknow called the Innovation Cities™ Program, named Boston the Most Innovative City in the United States and the world beating out international powerhouses Paris, Amsterdam and Vienna. They evaluated 289 cities and ranked them on a one to ten scale in three categories: cultural assets, human infrastructure, and networked markets. Boston was given the label of a “nexus”, which 2thinknow executive director Christopher Hire explains here:

Cities that have a high index score are nexus cities, followed by hub then node cities. Nexus and hub cities are the critical junctures of the innovation economy across multiple segments. We divide the urban economy into a pie, and assess the slices. A nexus city scores well in multiple segments of the urban innovation economy.
If Boston is “the most innovative city,” than we like to think we represent some of the “most innovative clients” in the Boston area! Please contact MBBP  at 781-622-5930 or visit our website to learn more about what types of companies we represent and what we can do for you.

For the full list of rankings, please visit Innovation Cities™.

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