European Commission Approves Shire’s Gaucher Drug

MBBP client Shire Human Genetic Therapies was recently featured in a Boston Business Journal article. Shire’s Gaucher disease treatment VPRIV  was approved by the European Commission, thereby allowing VPRIV to be marketed in thirty European countries. VPRIV approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in March 2010 was fast-tracked due to the shortage of Genzyme Corporation’s Gaucher drug Cerezyme.

For more information, please visit Shire.

2 thoughts on “European Commission Approves Shire’s Gaucher Drug

  1. Gaucher disease affects only one in every 50,000 people. It causes enlargement of the spleen and liver, among other symptoms and can be fatal. This enzymatic deficiency causes an accumulation of glucocerebroside, primarily in macrophages.

  2. I agree that the disease effects many people. It is affects people who lack enough of a particular enzyme and can lead to organ damage in life-threatening.

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