Faith Kasparian Featured in Voices of the Bar in BBA E-Newsletter

IP Licensing and Trademark Attorney Faith KasparianIn a recent Boston Bar Association E-Newsletter, the Voices of the Bar segment asked BBA members; If you could own the copyright to any written work, piece of music, photo or computer software, what would it be? MBBP Attorney Faith Kasparian‘s response was featured in the newsletter:

I have never liked stories whose endings are not unambiguously positive – and the ending of Gone with the Wind has always been a pet peeve. So, I would choose to own the copyright in that Margaret Mitchell classic, not to join The Wind Done Gone mêlée, but to add a final chapter in which Rhett realizes his error and returns to Scarlet. After everything that Scarlet has been through, the woman deserves a happy ending!

To read more responses, please visit the Boston Bar Association.

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