Four MBBP Clients on 2010 AlwaysOn East Top 100 Companies List

On June 9th, AlwaysOn Networking released their list of the 2010 AlwaysOn East Top 100 Companies. This list represents the top emerging companies on the East Coast that are “demonstrating significant market traction and pursuing game-changing technologies in on-demand computing, digital media, and greentech.” Featured on the AOE100 list are four MBBP clients:

LeoStream Corporation provides critical connection broker technology for delivering virtual desktop solutions.

Citysquares Online, Inc. provides small, independent businesses the ability to reach a qualified, local consumer audience through a search engine optimized profile on it’s highly trafficked, consumer-facing website.

Viximo, Inc. provides solutions to publishers (social networks, dating sites, gaming sites, etc) and content creators (brands, media, digital artists) that     drive revenue and engagement.

Pixtronix, Inc. develops and markets the world’s lowest power consumption, highest optical performance flat panel display modules.

For the full list of the Top 100, please visit AlwaysOn Networking.

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