Silverlink CEO Discusses Importance of IT in Healthcare in Financial Times

Silverlink CommunicationsA recent Financial Times article titled “U.S. Reform: Finding Room for Agreement” discusses the role information technology can play for decreasing costs within the healthcare industry through, for example, electronic records and virtual meetings, as well as simple time-saving solutions. Stan Nowak, CEO of MBBP client Silverlink Communications, discusses how his company’s applications use everything from automated voice and text messaging, e-mail, and web letters to better connect clients to their patients. These applications are customized to each specific client depending on how their customers prefer to receive information on their health.  The article discusses the results of one patient study by Silverlink:

The results…demonstrate the power of this technology when it comes to increasing patient adherence to medications – critical in preventing critical illness and reducing the need for expensive emergency treatment. “People who got customized messages about staying on their cholesterol-lowering medications stuck with them at a rate of 82% higher than those who didn’t get those messages,” says Mr. Nowak.

For more information on their offerings, please visit Silverlink Communications.

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